Our Company

The west was inhabited by diverse groups that were independent and resilient people for what we now call the American West.  Their determination to thrive in an unforgiving environment is legendary through imagination, adept at maneuvering the rapids of change, alert to opportunity and persistent in their missions.  So too at Old West Mattress Company that same spirit lives where our diverse team hand craft mattresses while striving to provide our customers with a great night’s sleep.

Through honesty, integrity, respect, hard work and drive…these same values are the foundation that Old West Mattress Company is built upon.

As an independent bedding manufacturer, we have the flexibility and the capacity to meet the needs of both independent retailers and hotel operators as well as large chains.  We’ll work with you to help design a mattress that delivers the comfort and support your customers and guests demand while helping you meet your bottom line.  No matter what type of business you operate, delivering a good night’s sleep is critical to your success.

We still do things by hand, using tried and tested techniques, to ensure that the mattress you buy is finely crafted. We use high-quality materials to ensure that the bed you buy offers a superior level of support and comfort for your specific needs. And we use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the product is built to last.

Our Mattresses

Quality Materials, Innovative Design and Exceptional Value

Our Therapedic mattresses feature advanced technologies that offer exceptional support, comfort and durability.  We invite you to compare the benefits and features of our mattresses with any other leading mattress brand.  We’re certain that feature for feature, you will find that our mattresses offer superior value. It all adds up to extra support and comfort…at no extra cost.

A Quality Mattress Is an Investment in Your Health

A premium quality sleep set is designed and engineered to provide you with proper support and comfort for years and years. Purchasing a well-designed mattress is an investment in your overall wellness that costs just pennies a night over the life of the product.  When you look for a new sleep set, remember it’s what you can’t see that counts. “On sale” specials may look like bargains, but how well do they support you…and how long will they last? We know that a SALE tag is tempting, but chances are that cheap mattress will not offer the same level of comfort and support.

Discovering Mattress Value: it’s what’s inside that counts

The design and quality of the components inside the mattress are what make it feel and perform properly.  Determining what’s right for you is simple, find the most features that delivery the most benefits within your budget. Our mattresses feature the finest quality support systems as well as the most sumptuous foams and fabrics. But don’t take our word for it! Ask you sales associate to compare the support systems and comfort materials in the mattresses you are considering. We’re certain you’ll discover that our mattress offers you the best value for your budget.

Make Life One Long Weekend™

Tommy Bahama mattresses logo

Our Tommy Bahama® Home collection of mattresses brings together two well-known and respected brands — Tommy Bahama® and Therapedic®. Both brands inspire the world to relax by promoting a lifestyle that emphasizes comfort, rest, and relaxation in the home but now, that lifestyle will include sleep, too.

Tommy Bahama At Therapedic®, we use innovative and high quality materials to create mattresses that make the bedroom a sanctuary for rest and relaxation.

Every mattress in our Tommy Bahama® Home Quilted Innerspring and Hybrid collections incorporates our Floating Foam, which offers dynamic comfort that provides a unique sensation of floating with gentle support.

Key Features

Therapedic’s® Floating Foam has several benefits:

  • High density for a plush feel.
  • Increased airflow allowing for high breathability.
  • New levels of comfort.
  • Superior durability.
  • Healthy, non-toxic eco-friendly foam – 90+% renewable content.

Each model also includes a high density encased coil unit in the base of the mattress for bottom support, no motion transfer, and superior durability. Beautifully finished with attractive stretch-knit, tropical themed covers, these collections epitomize the island-inspired Tommy Bahama® brand.