Value You Can Sleep On
Our Story

The west was won with honesty, integrity, respect, hard work and drive...these same values are the foundation that Old West Mattress Company, LLC is built upon.

Our founder, Les Mesner has been in the mattress industry for over 25 years. His career began as Sales Manager for the Spring Air Company in Denver, before he and his wife purchased the company in 1995. In June of 2007, Mesner, along with the other stockholders agreed to sell the company to an investment group.

Within two years, the investment group filed for bankruptcy and liquidated the company assets, voiding Mesner's non-compete contract. The timing couldn't be better, as Mesner, too young to retire, had become bored with his golf game and was looking for another challenge. His largest customer from Spring Air coaxed him back into the mattress business by offering to buy from him once again if he did.

And so, Old West Mattress Company was born.

Why an independent manufacturing company? Having been affiliated with the fourth largest brand in the country, Mesner is very familiar with the costs associated with a name brand...royalty's, advertising and promotion, and corporate expenses...none of which have anything to do with producing a quality product with the consumer in mind. By not being affiliated with a "national brand", Old West Mattress Company concentrates on producing the highest quality product at the best price.